Little Italy Engagement Portraits | Brittany & Rob

Little Italy Engagement Portraits | Brittany & Rob. A selection of Portraits of a couple soon to be married. Brittany & Rob decided that Balboa park was the perfect place to get great looking engagement portraits. I’m equally adept to many different types of areas/venues when it comes to photographing couples. But I personally think I excel in Urban scenes. About 20 mins into the shoot at Balboa Park I sensed that this setting was not really them. We got a little disheartened when  we figured we was one of about 5 seen photographers+couples walking around Balboa Park (image just how many couples get photographs taken there each year), I find it so uninspiring doing the same things that have been done many times before, and when at Balboa park its hard to find a setting/image thats not already been done a million times before. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with wanting these kind of images for your engagement, its a beautiful place after all. For me personally I want to create something unique that matches well with my style of imagery and with each couple I photograph. So when I sense that they wanted that unique look, I jumped at the chance to suggest my favorite stomping ground for good Urban images. It was all of a 5 mins drive down the road to Little Italy. Now I’m in my element. Perhaps you think my Balboa images are better? Little Engagement Engagement Portraits below the green nature ones of Balboa Park.

Little Italy Portraits