Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Jennifer & Kiona part 2

Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Jennifer & Kiona part 2 (Click to see part 1) One of my favorite photographs to capture at a wedding is when the couple walks back down the aisle after being announced. I believe it’s one of a few short moments in life when so much joy and happiness can be captured in an image. To marry the person you love so much, to be surrounded by loved ones, to celebrate your love for each other and be in your paradise are all reasons to be very happy. Put all those emotions together, walk back down the aisle to cheers of joy, and you will be overcome by all the best feelings in life. Kiona & Jennifer’s image of that moment shows such powerful true love for one another, and attests to how much they have been through to get to this point. To the both of you, thanks for the privilege. Info here same sex wedding photographer San Diego